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You are probably familiar with retractable screen doors. These doors have their upsides. They are easy to open, because they essentially open themselves without too much help from the user. However, customers with small children and pets worry about the safety of having these doors installed in their house. When you open them, they usually snap back into place with such force that they could easily be a safety hazard.

Clearview Mobile Screens’ retractable screens, on the other hand, are the only ones on the market that will not snap back. So you do not have to worry about a child’s hand getting stuck in the closing door anymore.

In addition to being safer than the average retractable door, our retractable screens are invisible. They don’t hide your gorgeous doors behind the dark mesh of a screen! This means that the screens blend into the doors for a clear, transparent look that other screens cannot compare to.

As always, our Clearview retractable screens are professionally installed by our highly qualified employees. All of our retractable screens are custom fit into your door frame. Do not worry about the type of door you have – these screens are very versatile! They will work in any door frame, no matter how big your doors are or which way they swing.

If you, like many customers, are concerned about the safety of normal retractable screens and want a screen that will compliment your doors instead of covering it up, then get a Clearview Mobile Screens retractable screen today! Call us or fill out the contact form to find out how to get these screens in your Yorba Linda, CA home or business.

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